Frequently Asked Questions

We serve you in most major European cities including Paris, London, Rome, Münich, Barcelona etc.

You would be charged for the extra 6 hours at a rate of 60 € per extra hour.  Once you exceed the four hours included in your membership plan, you will be notified.

No we don't mark-up the prices of services/items we get for you. You will pay the public price or better negotiated rates. On some services like hotel accommodation or jet/helicopter/yacht charter etc, we might get some commissions back from our contracted partners, usually 10% (introductory fee).

Yes. If it is moral, ethical and legal, and does not violate any law, we can do it.

We are much closer to you than the typical luxury "call-center concierge company" as we are a family-owned business. We focus on great service as a standard. Each Unique Paris member is allocated a dedicated executive concierge, ensuring the highest level of personal service. Our concierges personally familiarise themselves with their clients, establishing exactly what they want and expect, and pre-empting what they would appreciate. It is something we manage by meeting your in person, knowing you in a deeper manner, in a very intuitu personae way. We do not rely solely on our CRM information about you, we go beyond.

We aimed at wealthy professionals who lead busy lives, who want great service and access to our insider knowledge and who want to off-load the administrative burden of running their lives. A membership with us is ideal for those who live in Paris or in London, or for those who travel to Paris/London on a regular basis for business or pleasure, although we operate on a European level and have clients all over the world.

We do not compete with your PA, we complete its service offer. You might want to use our service to expand the services you can request or the timeframe at which you can request services (most of our memberships include access to a 24/7 dedicated concierge), increase the efficiency of the assistance (we have a complete team of executive concierges & a solid network of partners), for confidentiality reasons or simply to better separate your personal life from your professional life. We tend to work collaboratively with your PA, we help him as much as we can.

We help to create more time for you, eliminate stress and give you peace of mind at the end of the day. As "doers" hands-on concierge, we will work with great tenacity to get your request completed in a timely manner. Using our extensive network of vendors and professionals we will exhaust all of our resources to provide solutions for your needs.

We can guarantee to do our best. Whether or not we can provide the service / information and/or assistance that you require will of course depend on the specific nature of your request.

Yes, we absolutely need your credit card information. This will be used for any purchase that you authorize.

We are highly experienced in coordinating and organizing travelling arrangements according to our clients’ needs. We will manage everything from A to Z: accommodation, transportation, drivers and much more. We carry out these services with the highest level of quality and efficiency.

The duration of all membership plans is one year.

One month before your membership fee is due, Unique Paris will send you an email reminder and an invoice. Please confirm that you wish to renew your membership and make the appropriate payment. If you do not wish to renew your membership, you do not need to do anything and your membership will automatically cease after 12 months.

As a concierge service, we run the lives of our members, think of us as a topnotch PA for your professional life and leisure time – whether it’s advising on and booking holidays, recommending and booking restaurants, bars and clubs, finding tickets to the theatre or for a sold out concert or helping with the every day tasks to help life run more smoothly. Our members also have access to our insider knowledge and expertise – whether it’s knowing the best new restaurant or knowing where to locate an unusual item, they count on us for all of this and more.

We value the trust you place in us in handling your personal information and we treat this information with the utmost care. We fully respect your privacy. We will never sell or share your personal information with anyone at anytime without your specific permission.

Good question! Many people try to squeeze far too many things into a 24-hour day. Time is a precious commodity. Delegating some or all of your "lower value" personal tasks to us helps you focus time on your priorities, whether it be on your career, your children, your hobbies, whatever brings you joy. Let us take care of the little things that can overwhelm you.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, cash, personal or company checks & bank wires.