Recovery of Invalidated Driver License

Member Needs to Recover His Invalidated Driver's License

One of our Parisian Members calls us and explains that he just got his driver's license invalidated, after losing points. He would like to recover his driver's license as soon as possible. How does Unique Paris help him?

  • Action Accomplished:Unique Paris' concierge calls the client to check if there is any way to avoid losing the Member's driving license. If there is no way to contest the invalidation, the concierge delivers the Member's driving license to the French Police Headquarter, organizes the appointments for medical and psychological testing & assessment and finds the best available driving school for the Member. The concierge registers the Member for the theoritical exam and after the successful results at the exam, takes care of the remaining papers to fill to get back the driving license.
  • Benefit for the Member: Gain Of Time
  • Reactivity: Less than 24 hours