Highly Skilled Concierge Staff

All our executive concierges have a Masters degree at the minimum and speak at least 3 foreign languages. They are experienced & well trained professionals, with great attention to details.


Truly Tailormade Service

While we love Technology, we still think human concierges are well positioned to understand our members needs in depth and offer them a truly tailormade service. We are proud to define ourselves as the "bespoke shoemaker" in the concierge industry.



European Reach & Network

Thanks to our 16 subsidiaries & offices in London, Paris, Münich, Rome, Venice, Berlin, Brussels etc, we are able to offer the same quality of concierge service coverage across Europe for our members' greatest peace of mind. One partner for all Europe.


Quality Monitoring & Handpicked Suppliers

We constantly monitor our suppliers' performance to make sure our members do get the very best quality of service everyday. We have a very strict selection process before onboarding any new supplier (screening interviews, live test of their service by one of our concierges, reputation research etc).


10.000 Negotiated Members' Priviledges

Our Members' Priviledges Team works everyday on negotiating new exclusive priviledges/perks and unlocking VIP access for our Members with top-notch luxury suppliers around Europe.


Top-notch Proprietary CRM for Great Reactivity

We use a top-notch proprietary CRM for a greater reactivity and a predictive approach to our members' requests

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